Just a note - Kath and I are participating in a radio talk on Thursday 8th Oct 10 pst

Buffy- the-Vampire- Slayer


Back to the Beginning - The Rainbow Writers, Willow/Tara, and What "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" Did For Femslash Today

 We'll be taking a trip back in time to one of the first, greatest canon lesbian pairings on network television - Willow/Tara from the WB's "Buffy the Vampire Slayer".  It was all the way back during the 1999-2000 season when we first were charmed by Tara Maclay in "Hush", when we first fell in love along with Willow Rosenberg in "New Moon Rising".  A year later we cheered when they shared their first onscreen kiss in "The Body".  And a year after that the righteous fury poured forth when Tara was - well, you know.  We'll be talking about those days with two of the most prolific Willow/Tara authors out there, the collaborative team known as the Rainbow Writers.  We'll discuss their sizable body of work, including "The Circle Series", "Safe in her Arms", and what the future holds for their readers.

A very exciting venture for us and one that we're so honoured to have been asked to do. We're both psyched and kind of humbled by the idea that anyone might want to know what we think and enjoy about writing and in particular BtVS, Tune in and pose us with any question you want answered the hard ones I'll be sure to get Kath to answer. See you there :)


It's been a while - a long while, it's been a hard fight (and still is) but writing is Kath and I's passion and as we all know - without passion in some form, life is pointless. And so - here we are, a little more basic than before - but hoping to upgrade when we can.


                I'm going to put up some of the things Kath and I are playing with right now for you to read and hopefully enjoy. I will be adding our old stuff as we upgrade.


                I also want to add a big thank you to everyone who has supported us through everything, I know I've said it before but it means the world to Kath and I to know that what we do is enjoyed by people other than just each other.


Thanks again and enjoy.


A deeper understanding. (working title)

The Circle Series Book One